I think I can say I am a fan of Playerunknown Battlegrounds. I spent only 308 hours in game, but I really enjoyed that time. I didn’t play for a while after biggest cheaters activity. However, I like this type of game. Battle royale, thats good! In the meantime I was looking for something similar, but in the same time different. I found it! is 2D battle royale web browser game. Rules are simple, last person standing wins. Try to find guns and equipment throughout the map and kill other players. If you die, you can spectate the living players until the round resets.

There is one map at the moment:

bruh map

Some of free and paid character skins:

character skins

and weapon skins:

bruh weapon skins

You can unlock them just by playing and getting better stats.

There is official discord channel where you can talk with other players, developers and leader boards to see some general and user stats.

Here are my stats :)

hoek bruh stats

If you are looking for some simple battle royale game you should definitely give it a try.