Monolith - free Visa Ethereum card

Do you remember my article about Crypto Debit Cards? Sure you remember! If not, shame on you. Go and read it quickly. After my searches, even before I wrote last article, I decided to use Wirex (<- look out, this is a trap it’s a reflink! I will be terrible rich if you click it). Low costs and support for several cryptocurrencies spoke to choose this company. I was constantly looking for something more competitive. Honestly, I was looking for something completely free. I know there is nothing for free. I always pay with my data, but whatever, you have to somehow withdraw this fortune from cryptocurrency, right?

For some time I watched Monolith‘s actions and looked for Android app. They first appeared on the market with an iOS application. Well, I forgive them that. After all, there is an application for Android phones. I installed it, verified myself. Twice, I don’t know what I did wrong with the first time, maybe I was smiling too much in the photo, or they just didn’t know that this shaggy guy from the photo, is the same bald teenager from the ID. I checked the app, topped up my Ethereum account, exchanged to dollars and ordered a card.



I’m a big science fiction fan. That’s why the first time I came to Monolith website, it immediately caught my attention. A really interesting, space style graphic design. A minimalist look and at the same time very neat and refined. In addition, there is no customer panel here, but there is specific and most needed information. The rest happens in the application. Thats good. While waiting for the card, I was browsing and analyzing the information on the site. The system is based on Ethereum and TKN (Ethereum-based tokens such as ETH, DAI and DGX).

Monolith is a decentralised banking alternative, powered by Ethereum. This is what it looks like.

I do not mind one cryptocurrency (ETH), because nowadays there are so many places where almost for free, you can immediately exchange cryptocurrencies from one to another.

All information on the site is consistent and in addition on github you can read about The Consumer Contract Wallet.

Monolith is one of the few companies that offer a Visa card without issuing fees and monthly maintenance costs. Next is Change and maybe Advanced Cash also, but they had a small downtime in which cards were not available at all. That’s why I gave them up. However, they are still probably the best when it comes to virtual cards… but back to the topic, the price list looks encouraging.

Monolith Pricing


I did not find anything suspicious in the privacy policy.

More information can be found on the official Blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In addition to classic support, you can also talk to the community on Telegram or Discord.

The application on my old Samusngu A3 from 2017 works efficiently and pleasantly. It is very easy to use and not inundated with unnecessary options.

Monolith Mobile App

Beats me, but I don’t remember how long it took to deliver the card to my Slavic country, it certainly wasn’t longer than 7 days. Of course, in the sheer volume of responsibilities, I completely forgot about it.

When the package arrived I was surprised. Not only because I forgot about the ordered product, but also because I had an elegant black box in my hand. What the heck is that! I order a lot of parcels from around the world but I’ve never had such a nice box in my hand. And this was just the outer packaging.

Here is a black, matte box with a surprise.

Monolith package

It was even more beautiful inside.


Monolith box front


Monolith box back


Monolith box inside

Nobody has provided me with a free visa card in so beautiful way yet. Wirex had an interesting sliding box for card, but the package itself was classic.

And thats all folks. From today I’m switching from well-functioning Wirex to free Monolith. I will update this article later if there are any problems or I describe my experience of using it after a long time.

Nowadays, when the competition on the market is high, every detail matters. An individual, aesthetic and pleasing to the eye approach to the customer with transparent rules appeals to me as a customer, as the recipient of the service. I know that Monolith has some more interesting options planned and is a relatively young company. However, if it will follow the path it has chosen, I am calm about my funds.

It would be nice if there was some cosmically amazing affiliate program (with a space animated banner, etc.) in which you would get free tokens for recommending new users. I have never earned any of these programs but I like them :)

They got me. I hope you can get caught too.