8BitDo gamepads

Eternal struggle of various consoles users continues to this day and neither side gives up. It’s the same with gamepads. I don’t know which ones I like best, I focus on the game itself rather than what I play and what I use to control. The older I am the worse am in games, it is enough that the opponent is a few years younger and beats me in any game. Response time and orientation are no longer the same as they used to be. And there is no time to practice, because there is always something more important to do and learn. Unfortunately, I won’t be as good at these games as when I was a teenager. It doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I like to play for relaxation.

8bitdo 30n pro

Along with my better half, we play a variety of games, mainly on the computer. So far, we have used Logitech wireless pads model F710. I think they are one of best PC gamepads ever. Unfortunately, they are large, take up a lot of space and are not compatible with all consoles. And they are good for advanced players and not for weekend players like me.

I searched a bit and found cute, little pads in a retro style. N30 Pro 2 gamepads from 8BitDo. Well made, in various colors and compatible with many consoles. The fact that they are small (size 132x64x20.6mm, weight: 84g) is a plus for me. Although I have big hands, they are comfortable. For more dynamic games, analog knobs are a bit bulky.

8bitdo 30n pro gamepads

For people accustomed to large massive and heavy gamepads, that lies well in their hands and give one hundred percent efficiency, this solution will not be the best.

The pads have a vibration, motion controls and connect via Bluetooth and USB-C. They are compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, Steam, Switch and Raspberry Pi. I bought them on Aliexpress. (If you do not have Aliexpress account, register one using this link and you will get some free coupons to use for your first order).

8BitDo got a lot of other gamepads in their offer, check it and maybe you will find something for yourself.

In the past I also ordered pocket size Bluetooth gamepad 8BitDo ZERO, but I think it is no longer for sale now it was replaced by 8BitDo ZERO 2. A good solution when traveling, to play on the phone.

8bitdo zero

This article was not sponsored by 8BitDo (unfortunately). I just liked their products and decided in my free time (thanks to coronavirus) to write a few sentences, and recommend you this little-known company.

Stay healthy, play games instead of walking around the city and have fun.