Gift from Tor Project

I got a letter from Tor Project yesterday! Do you remember my article about adding Onion address to standard website? There was a part about Onion Location.

Since 8th of July 2020, it is possible to inform your visitors, that your website have onion address. Please read more on the official Tor Project blog in post #MoreOnionsPorfavor: Onionize your website and take back the internet.

So I took part in #MoreOnionsPorfavor campaign and as you know my website have that nice onion button.

Onion Location

The campaign is over and Tor Project sent a small gift to all users who submitted their websites with Onion Location option implemented.

Here is the letter and gifts. Beautiful stickers! Guess which one I put on my laptop :)

Letter From Tor Project

Thank you Tor Project!

PS: My next step is to run own Exit Node! When it is ready, I will describe how I did it. Article will be ready soon!

PS1: Please support Tor Project in every possible way you can or just donate.