I am not that hacker you are looking for

This article is an information for people who bother me on various groups, social media and messengers. And also for the people who doesn’t understand who am I and what about is this website. It’s not that I don’t like to give a hint or discuss something with someone, but let’s get a few things straight, for the sake of respecting my time and yours.

I am not a hacker


  • I am not a hacker for hire, even if you want to pay me million bucks, I may look as a bad guy, but I am good (almost)
  • I do not offer any hacking services, no spam, cracking, DDOS or anything you came across your mind which is illegal
  • I will not hack something for you, and I will not help you hack anyone or anything
  • I said no! I will not hack you ex-girlfriend Instagram, Facebook, Tok-tok or any other social media or email account
  • I am not a mentor or a teacher, I do not have time or patience for that
  • I have no time to answer general question or any question which can be found on first ten pages of Google search
  • I do not give you any money or support just because you are poor, sad, mad, you have sick daughter or live in third world country (I have no super powers to change this cruel and unfair world)
  • I will not explain you again anything I already write on a blog like Do you know any similar pages or hacking forums?, How to start hacking?, What secure email provider I recommend? etc. Please check my website before asking anything that was already elaborated. Use search.
  • I don’t know anyone I could recommend instead of me.
  • I don’t sell credit card numbers or gift cards, and I don’t know anyone who does.

but I can:

  • help you with issue you have with any guide you found on my website
  • discuss about materials published on my website (issues, ideas, suggestions, comments and praise)
  • discuss about general IT, Penetration Testing, IT Security, OSINT, Forensic, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Red Teaming, Blue Teaming etc., but you need to be prepared for the discussion and you need to have some basic knowledge on the topic you want to start
  • take your suggestion about next article, or idea what interesting you would like to see next on the 0ut3r.space
  • talk about my website and internet activity


I had to write this article (a friendly reminder), to have a link at hand, I can share with people who think I am hacker for hire, or that I have all day just to sit and answer all questions that uncle Google answers without thinking. I am not going to lead anyone by the hand on how to become a hacker or how to solve a specific IT problem. If I have knowledge in the subject, I will be happy to advise you. But only advise.

And please always prepare yourself for the conversation.

Focus on questions about an actual problem you have faced. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.

Don’t ask about questions you haven’t tried to find an answer for (show your work!)

– stackexchange.com

Yeah, and why people think I am a hacker for hire? I analyzed the reference websites and found things like:

Verified Hacker

So yeah I am verified hacker. Lol.


On the screen above you can see that the owner of website is not quite sure if my website is uncategorized or scam.

good hacker

And here I am verified as good hacker, who is sharing his experiences. (Good in terms of skills or as a person?) Probably the best description I found, but still someone can think if I am a hacker then I am offering some service. But TBH, nothing more that knowledge sharing in articles on my website. I am not a bad hacker, I am a security professional and this website is just my hobby.

Just because 0ut3r.space is also available under onion address does not mean I am hacker, hitman, drug seller or have any illegal activity.

I regrets that I did not collect screenshots of funny questions or pushy/offensive/beggars people I met online in the past.

So here I am putting a placeholder for screenshots of weird conversations from the future.

Thanks for you time. Let the Google be with you.