End of the...

…year :P


As this is the last day in 2022, I decided to share some thoughts, about my website, projects, upcoming ideas, even about myself and also, to say sorry that there was no post last month. No worries dear readers, I do not close the website or end sharing what I know, this is no “good bye” article. I just had to take a break, rest and load batteries, to be more effective in upcoming year. This year was strange, mixed half lazy, half very intensive. Chaotic as always, as performed by me.



So, I had a plan to publish 2 articles per month, but if you take a look at the posts page you will see that it happened only twice in May and August. What a pity. I have two folders on my desktop, full of ideas and everyday when I learn something new I add there another idea. One folder is called “0ut3r now” and second “0ut3r ideas” lol. Yeah, so basically topics I would like to publish ASAP with almost all data gathered, just sit and write, and topics that need to be reviewed, and they need more effort to write something.

Yes, my desktop looks terrible, I had it cleaned, and very well organized, but now I need to sit and clean it up (again!). This is why sometimes turning off icons on the desktop is a good idea (you can then create folder in Documents, do the same mess, and pretend that there is order just because you can’t see it at first glance).

This year I also created category vulnerability, where I wanted to add practical use of vulnerabilities from known CVEs. Yeah, there is only one article there.

No more complaining, after all, the site works and I publish something here.

Something you might not see every day is that, I am updating some previous articles. Each article has a date of publication and date of update. On main page you can see latest articles and latest updated articles, but I need to fix how it is displayed, and show only articles where values for update date and publish date are not equal, at the moment it displays also latest publications mixed with latest updates :( I am a terrible programmer so I it will take time till I learn how to fix it.

Bunch of statistics:

  • Google Ads gives me a profit of about $110 a year which covers server and domain maintenance. Funny is that more people came from Tor network with AdBlock and No-script enabled, and that I also use uBlock Origin and I do not see Ads. One time one guy on Hacker News under one of my publications said something like: “Man the ads on that site really take away from the ambiance/feel of an otherwise very pleasant site.” Then I turned off AdBlock and realized two things. First, not everyone use AdBlock’s (thats good I have money for the server) and second, that if Google sends me an email like “we are turning new ads options and they will start display next week”, I should definitely review results and adjust it to my website, as my website was more like an ads trash than super uber hacker website xD.
  • Google analytics says that between 1 January 2022 and today, my page was visited by 116042 users, was displayed 228730 times, from countries like (top 10) United States, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Poland and Japan. Last 5: Tonga, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa. Top 3 web browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Top 3 OS: Windows, Android, iOS. Gender: Female 13,2% and male 86,8%. Interesting is that 4,47% of visitors were categorized as age 65+. Most visited article was the one about Windows Defender (thanks to Hacker News) and second was about Onion Links.


In upcoming year I plan to:

  • add some flags to capture on the bountyhunter.red,
  • create a subdomain with gallery, where I will publish photos I am doing as my hobby,
  • publish 2 articles per month (this is also my internal fight between being lazy and willingness to publish more, someday maybe I will win this unfair battle. Such a task to be more organized and consistent in action),
  • write more than one article per year in category vulnerabilities,
  • fix latest updates on main page,

Next year I will write similar article and see if my plans did well.


My wife told me last week to do a personality test. I did it. And results are that I am Turbulent Commander (ENTJ-T (try it, its a lot of fun). My wife also says that results are very close to the truth, because I am more like dictator than commander, but yeah, every commander can probably be a dictator :)

In country where I live (some of you may know) winter can be hard, and democracy is not that good like it looks in TV. So, tired of upcoming snow, temperature below zero, pollution and what politicians are doing with my bellowed country, I took my stuff and moved to Spain.

I always had a chance to work remotely, even before Covid, but during the pandemic, and now its even better if it came to the remote work. Things changed rapidly, and employers had to adapt to the new environment. I thing good side of pandemic is that, it speed up remote work/home office options in sectors where before Covid, there was always reason to say “no” to the employee when there was a question about HO. Today nobody gives a fuck about fruit Tuesdays, free coffee or multi sport card as a benefit of the new contract. Give me remote work position and I’m fine.

So, I can travel and work (my wife luckily too). I always go for one week of holidays to warm location just to lay on the beach and do nothing. Then a weekend or a 3-5 days to visit some country as a tourist (for example Greece and place like Acropolis, during Covid time, was totally empty and thanks to that even more beautiful). Sometimes I go to some location to sightseeing and sunbathing, but then I don’t rest much.

And this year in Spain I booked on Airbnb a house with swimming pool, close to the sea for one month. Two weeks of sightseeing and two weeks of remote work on the on the pool terrace. This is why I didn’t write anything last and this month. Just chilling, resting and dicking around. I recommend you all similar “vacations”. Here is some photo from remote work, or a hacking party ;)


Maybe that’s a good idea for the article about my stuff, tools, hardware and organization of remote work outside home?

My wife is very good at planning trips, probably without her I would sit 24 hours at the front of the computer wasting my life. Here you can see what places we already visited, map is not yet up to date, but we update it all the time. Maybe you will find something inspiring for yourself.

Yeah and don’t think I am a rich bastard, it was very good “winter season occasion”. The price was comparable to the price of 7 days holiday in the hotel during the main, summer season.

I am stingy (or practical, depends on the point of view), for example renting 2 bikes: 75 EUR for one for 3 days + home delivery 25 EUR + deposit of 200 EUR. A total of 575 EUR for 2 people for three days [sic!], I paid that much to rent a car, for one month. So, my solution, find a used bike store, buy two bikes for 135 EUR, spend an hour adjusting, and maybe another 20 EUR or so for some tools, and bikes for the month of stay are ready. Uncle Scrooge would be proud.

This much about me is enough. If you are interested in my adventures outside of IT, let me know and I can sometimes describe something funny or useful. This short post was also meant to explain why I haven’t written anything and to assure you that this is not the end of the site, just a longer break.


Thank you all for great feedback on 0ut3r Space Discord channel, and directly on Telegram and sent by Email. It means a lot for me. It is very cool that in such a busy times people have a while just to ping me and say something like, “you have a cool website”, or “I really like your articles”, “Keep going!” etc. I really appreciate all good words and time you spend on chat with me. I am not always available, and sometimes replay with big delay, but its not I don’t care. I have to many ideas and doing too much at once, and sometimes it need to take a time :)

I wish you all, my dear readers, awesome new year! Great ideas, a lot of opportunities to develop, many won bounty hunting programs and much more happines.

See you next year.