Hacker news

You probably remember my article about interesting hacker forums. No? Go and read it now! It’s an order. Now, as always, I put in some random, fancy image downloaded from the internet to give the post a dark, hacking mood. I am deliberately not giving the source of image to show how badly person I am. You probably have noticed a long time ago that I do not inform about cookies, the European Union probably has been looking for me for a long time and will issue me a mandate for this. What a pity.


Today I want to show you some interesting links to other places similar to my page or blogs and news related to IT and Security. It is worth reading news from various sources to stay up to date. In addition, small blogs like mine are hard to find. As an author, I know that I do it, because I like it and I have no pressure to be in top Google searches (ohh, for this query I am on the 1st page of results, ahhh). I’m not doing it for profit or fame. I am most happy with all these e-mails, comments under posts or messages on Discord or Telegram. When someone has read my post and let me know that article was nice and that the site is great. Tickle my ego.

Many experts (even if they do not consider themselves experts) in various fields run such places as a hobby, and more than once, on small blogs, you can find more interesting articles and guides, than on great portals with dozens of entries every day. Surfing around the web. I appreciate the small websites that offer really good quality information. Given in an interesting way, characteristic for a given author.

Looking for interesting places, I came across Top 100 Hacker Blogs, Websites & Influencers. Good place to start. Thanks to Anuj (founder of Feedspot), I am also listed there (at the moment of writing this article on position 47).

Here is the list from my feeds reader for daily basis (related to IT, blogs about unicorns and other personal stuff I will leave for myself).


These are not real hacker news, it is everything that hacker might be interested in ;)


Everything related to the Tor network.


All about Linux.


Tools, malware analysis, penetration test, etc.


As I know Polish, here are some interesting websites in polish language related to security.

If you know some interesting websites similar to the one listed above, please let me know. I am also happy to get to know popular security websites in your language. The Polish ones that I mentioned, are one of the most popular in the country. If you have similar, write to me, I will gladly add to the list, so that everyone can find something from their backyard. Spanish, French, Norwegian, African, Russian etc. give them all! Just not German, blah. Okay, I’m joking, let them also be.