If you like what I am doing in the Internet - my articles, websites, tutorials, projects and whole other stuff - you can support my work. This will help me realize my ideas and contribute to the fact that I will be able to spend more time on the site development and projects.

All financial donations are given first of all to server maintenance and then to coffee and donuts!

I do not want to overwhelm people with ads and pop-up windows. It should not work that way. If you want to support the site, you will do it voluntarily and not by breaking through advertisements to get what you want.

You can support me in several ways.

Cryptocurrency Donations

One of the donation options is the transfer of cryptocurrencies. Here are my addresses. If you can’t see your favorite crypto-currency you can always use free on-line exchange.



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Recurrent donations platform

Liberapay’s recurrent donations system is designed to provide a stable crowdfunded basic income to creators, enabling them to keep doing great work that benefits everyone. Ready to contribute?

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One time donation

The friendly and free way for fans to support my work for the price of a coffee. Get paid directly with 0% fees from Ko-fi.

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Support is also the use of referral links to the services I use. It’s always a small profit.

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Brave Rewards

By downloading and using Brave browser you can get rewarded for browsing and support your favorite content creators. Browse my website using Brave and support me automatically. Here you can find more information about Brave browser and Brave rewards.

Comments and opinions

An opinion on what I am doing, a comment under the entry, or a simple chat on the communicator is also an interesting way to let me know that what I’m doing is worth continuing. I am not omniscient and sometimes I make mistakes, do not hesitate to suggest a change or to point out a mistake, I am open to suggestions and comments, even if they are to be critical.

I do not always have time and opportunity to answer all questions and messages on time but I try to keep up to date.

Thank you

Thank you for your support and good words. Praise, suggestion or opinion about what I’m doing is one of the biggest donations I can get. Everything I do, I try to do it with passion and for others. I share my thoughts and knowledge because I like to do it. When the recipients reacts about it with a good word, a nice comment or a grant in the form of cryptocurrency, I really know that everything is fine and someone appreciates it.

Here you can find my other profiles and badges, from various systems or backlinks to other websites. Links from the manual and automatic exchange, and some crazy systems that require such a link for some magical matters related to SEO, etc. Feel free to explore them, maybe by accident you will find something that will be useful to you or interest you.

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