Active projects - 2020 - White Hat scans, VPN server and bounty program landing page.

Legacy projects - 2003-2005 - My first website. About poetry and stories, graphics, articles, books, Internet radio, chat, guest book (it was so popular in these times!) and forum. - 2007- My gallery depicting the city of Bytom and how it falls into a ruin. - 2007 - Store with rock and roll clothes and gadgets. - 2007-2009-2010 - Freedom top-list. Then from 2009 to 2010 converted to page with information about concerts, events, bands, anti political graphics, anti-fascism, local radio. - 2007-2013-2016 - At the beginning it was just small portfolio and homepage with information about everything I am doing in the Internet. In 2013 it changed to IT portal with Q&A section and IT articles and guides. - 2012-2015 - IT business catalog. SEO catalog. - 2012-2016 - IT Q&A website. - 2012-2016 - Culinary blog. Recipes for delicious dishes. - 2013-2015 - Hoek’s Tools was a vast collection of portable utilities for the management, diagnosis and repairing of computer problems, recover lost or deleted files or cracking passwords. It was my alternative to Hiren’s Boot CD. and Tor version doavbk5nkdejhuk4.onion - 2018 - Easy to use file hosting platform.