My files hosting platform

Files in 0ut3r Space (FI0S) is one of my small projects. Free, fast and simple file sharer service. Easy to use file hosting platform. Uploaded files will be deleted automatically after 14 days since last download. Maximum upload file size is set to 200 MB. You can share uploaded files via link, qr code and email. The sender gets the link to delete the file too.


Main features:

  • single file upload and sharing
  • multiple files upload and sharing
  • drag and drop or just select file(s)
  • mail sharing
  • ability to send to more than one recipient
  • responsive
  • expiration date of files
  • autodelete depending on age
  • reporting files
  • image preview of uploaded images
  • password protected download
  • share on social media
  • works also as onion service in Tor

This project is discontinued. Sorry :(

Check it out: