Crypto Debit Cards


Cryptocurrencies is a vast topic. I will not analyze here whether it is worth investing in, or not. It’s a topic for another eternal fight, which is better. Windows or Linux, iOS or Android. Dollar or Bitcoin. Endless arguments, which in the end remain at the same stage as the beginning. While something is working for someone and is not harmful to others, why fight it?

Crypto Debit Cards

Everyone who begins his adventure with cryptocurrencies comes to the point where he would like to quickly and efficiently cash a cryptocurrency. Just having any cryptocurrency and making transactions in places where it is accepted is trivial and quick. The lack of acceptance of this form of payment in stores or companies is also no longer a problem. Thanks to platforms like ShapeShift, we’re no longer dependent only on the most popular cryptocurrencies. If someone accepts only Bitcoins using Shapeshift, we can easily pay for the cryptocurrency that we currently have and the recipient will receive Bitcoins. Buying the cryptocurrency itself is not something complicated or difficult. Problems - it may be too big a word - but inconvenience begins when we want to exchange cryptocurrency for real money. Of course, there are a lot of sites offering exchange of cryptocurrencies. Each currency exchange site requires registration, providing relevant data and after verification we can boldly exchange virtual money for the real ones. Sometimes this process takes a while and reduces our initial value not only by the exchange rate, but also by the payment commission depending on whether we pay money to a bank account, card, PayPal or other place.

Cryptocurrencies were supposed to provide us with anonymity, as long as we operate them only in their natural environment, everything is ok. Worse when we want to sell them. However, this is a topic for another entry.

I personally looked for a way to quickly exchange my Bitcoins for real money so that in an instant after exchange I can make them payments as in the case of standard banking.

The solution is debit cards that support cryptocurrencies. These types of cards are nothing more than regular Visa/Mastercard cards, which can be topped up with the help of popular cryptocurrency. In this simple way, we transfer our Bitcoins to such a card, we exchange at the current exchange rate, thus supplying the card with, for example, dollars or euros. This type of card is immediately ready for use and can be paid as a simple card from the bank.

Companies offering this type of card are many. Below I present a list of all the service providers that I encountered during my search. Personally, I use and recommend Wirex. The Wirex link on the list below is my reflink. I also used Advanced Cash before the cards were turned off and I was also happy. I am waiting impatiently for them to return to the market.

I would like to mention that at the beginning of this year Visa turned off WaveCrest, with which most companies offering debit cards had signed contracts for the delivery of cards. Some of the following companies are still looking for a new solution, some of which, for example, Wirex are already in operation and enable making of both a virtual and a plastic card. Wirex was one of the first companies to return with full functionality. I hope that other service providers will also sign new contracts with card suppliers to make the selection as big as before in the end of 2017.

Before you decide to open an account and make a card, read the opinions and read the company’s regulations. Check the fees and availability in your country.

Crypto Debit Card providers


Monolith -
Uphold -
Wirex -
Advanced Cash -


TenX -
Uquid -
Plutus -
Aximetria -
Change -
Trastra -
Spectro Coin -
Monaco -
TokenCard -
CryptoPay -
Bitwala -
Xapo -
CoinsBank -
BitPay -
Revolut -
WageCan -
Shift Card -
Bitnation -

If you think a company is missing from the list, let me know. I will update the list on a regular basis. Thanks all for the emails with links to the new providers.